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President's speech

President's speech

"Self-improvement, Houdezaiwu" is Jin Jiulong in the course of enterprise development in the formation of the core of the characteristics of culture, is the soul of Kim Jong-long, it reflects the Kim Jong-long "days Xingjian, gentleman to self-improvement" aggressive spirit and spirit of excellence And "terrain kun, gentleman to Houdezaiwu" broad mind and sense of responsibility. It is adhering to this belief, Kim Jurong people to take responsibility for the mind, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit, through practical action to customers, employees, competitors and the public solemn promise:
Commitment to the customer: as the customer to provide excellent quality rubber belt industry experts. Kim Jung-long to create excellent quality products and services for the eternal goal, customer-oriented business principles, will take the initiative to adapt to new needs, new competition, new environment, with more innovative thinking, more efficient process, to develop more attractive Products, to provide more quality services, timely, full and sustained to meet the user diversification, personalized needs, "experts" to create a spirit of excellence in quality transmission services, and ultimately for the majority of customers and consumers add luster to life.
Commitment to employees: the best stage for employees to achieve the value of life. Not satisfied with the staff, there is no customer satisfaction; no one heart of the cohesion, there is no business development. Kim Jung-long always adhere to the staff and the common development of the enterprise management philosophy, people-oriented humanistic vision, full attention to human values and differences to respect for the human resources management and the core of the core, to maximize understanding, love, To create a suitable staff development space, to help employees achieve self-worth, to promote its play for the development of enterprises for social progress to create greater value.
Commitment to the same industry: to become a leading operator to promote healthy competition and promote common development. Jin Jiulong fully respect the industry counterparts, to comply with the rules of competition. Will be regarded as mutually reinforcing industry partners, always in line with the principle of fairness and impartiality, under the framework of laws and regulations and market rules, with the active and constructive competition. We are committed to working together with our peers to maintain healthy market order, promote market regulation, establish a fair and orderly industry to survive and develop space, enhance the overall value of the industry through fair and reasonable means of competition and open and transparent communication and settlement mechanisms The mutual promotion and harmonious development of peers.
Commitment to the community: to do good corporate citizenship. "Corporate citizens" is an important part of building a socialist harmonious society, but also the necessary conditions for the everlasting enterprise. In the process of seeking self-transcendence and gaining brilliant achievements, Kim Jung-long has always been from the overall situation to promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of society as the basis and goal of corporate behavior. Kim Jung-long commitment to always strive for a sound character, respected outstanding corporate citizens, bear good basic business responsibility at the same time, actively assume social responsibility, participate in environmental protection, education and other public welfare undertakings, to never stop the cause of the pursuit of improving people's lives Quality, promote cultural prosperity, serve a harmonious society.
Big market nurture big business, big vision achievements big business. "Become a rubber belt industry excellence in the quality of the creator" is Kim Jung-long to enhance the inherent requirements of corporate character. Jin Jiulong chose the "self-improvement, Houdezaiwu" belief, it is doomed not only to pursue the number of transcendence, but also the quality of the achievements must be superior. Concerned about the quality, the pursuit of quality is our social responsibility, the pursuit of excellence in the best way to reflect. Kim Jong-long only through the creation of excellence for the community and practice their own values. At the same time only in pursuit of high-quality beliefs and practices, leading the healthy development of the industry to promote the prosperity of society, in order to be worthy of the rubber belt industry's backbone and example, worthy of "social pillars."
We firmly believe that: Henan Province, Kim Long Industrial Co., Ltd. in the community's support and care of friends, the future development will be able to play more Jinjiu Long's talent and courage to Jin Jiulong unique "self-improvement, Houdezaiwu" business Spirit, people-oriented, customer service, contributing to society, the benefit of workers, "the corporate philosophy; will be able to Kim quality, transmission future!