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Company in Chongqing, Nanchang roadshow

Company in Chongqing, Nanchang roadshow

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   In order to help dealers better business and improve the visibility of the company's products,  the company began a roadshow around the activities.

   June 15-17, 1717, Chongqing, Kowloon, Kowloon, Jiulongpo District,  Chongqing City Jiuzhou Auto Moto A District No. 225 Chongqing Roadshow activities



   2017 years 18-18 days in Nanchang Hongcheng big market roadshow activities


  These two road shows have been positively reflected by local customers and dealers.

  The company also has branches in Chongqing and Nanchang:

  Address: No.225, International Auto & Motorcycle City, Jiuzhou, Baiyun Station, Chongqing

  Contact: Chu Wei

  Contact information:①15037450103,②15237412283

  Address:No.88 Industrial Road, Xinjian County, Jiangxi Province

  Contact:Guo Erhao

  Contact information:①18637847069②15225491772

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