Due to the expansion of the sales area, the company is now recruiting many sales representatives, who can adapt to business trips and complete the company's sales tasks and other work well. Specific requirements are as follows:

1. Complete performance goals: assist, organize and train dealers in the region to develop markets, including visiting key customers, developing target customers, and organizing dealer performance meetings to achieve regional sales goals.

2. Implement sales policies: Communicate sales policies to customers at all levels in the region, and participate in, guide and supervise their implementation to ensure that the company's various sales policies are implemented quickly.

3. Complete the brand infrastructure construction: according to the annual plan, be responsible for the brand infrastructure construction of each sales outlet in the region, including adding new image stores, door management, and image finishing of terminal stores, etc., to ensure that the brand image is stable in the region. promote.

4. Channel construction and management: According to the annual plan, responsible for the implementation of the channel development plan in the region to ensure the achievement of various channel goals in the region.

5. Market information collection and feedback: Responsible for the collection and reporting of various market information of major competitors in the region to ensure that the company's decision-making has a more rapid and true information basis.

6. Sales representatives can also be from Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Gansu, Sichuan and other places.

Additional sales assistants are recruited:

1. Sales related document management.

2. Order processing.

3. Communication and coordination with customers and dealers.

4. Responsible for the data sorting, classification, sorting, filing and storage of the company's sales contracts and other sales documents.

5. Responsible for the production and compilation of monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical reports and reports of various sales indicators, and respond to the leadership's inquiries about sales dynamics at any time.

6. Responsible for collecting, sorting and summarizing market conditions, prices, substitutes, customer sources and other information, and putting forward analysis reports to provide reference for departmental business personnel and leaders to make decisions.

7. Assist the sales staff to do a good job in the street and telephone visit of the door-to-door customers; when the sales staff is absent, timely relay the customer information and handle it properly.

8. The company must be local.