Henan Jinjiulong Industrial Co., Ltd. (Weishi County Zhongyuan Rubber Co., Ltd.), established in 1968, is located in Weifang City, Henan Province, Weishi County Industrial Agglomeration District Fu Yong Road on the 9th, the predecessor of the state Weishi County rubber factory to produce V belt, set parallel drive belt, car V belt, timing belt, ribbed belt, wide V belt, narrow V belt, combined with band, hexagonal belt, conveyor belt as one Professional rubber belt production enterprises. The company took the lead in the industry through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and the automotive industry ISO / TS16949: 2009 quality management system international certification. 1996 - 2002 for six consecutive years of ordinary V production and sales of the first level in the country. After the reform and reorganization of the company in recent years, highlighting the main triangle, other types of transmission belt, supplemented by the development of ideas.The introduction of the United States Gates cut side of the production technology, the development of cutting-edge tooth-shaped industrial belt, double-sided tooth-shaped side of the zone, high-power variable speed belt, trimming high temperature transmission gear combination group, Car V belt, ribbed belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, the whole conveyor belt, wire rope conveyor belt, and so on more than 10 kinds of independent intellectual property rights of industrial belt series. In the 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions with hundred distributors, the company enjoyed the approval of the state import and export rights.

In 2010, the company invested in the construction of rubber products R & D, production, trade, information exchange as one of the JinjiuLong Rubber Technology Industrial Park, the project has completed investment, has built 40,000 square meters plant, office building 5000 square meters, research and development center 3000 square meters , Staff restaurant 2000 square meters, in August 2012 successfully put into operation, the main production car timing belt, car V belt, wire rope conveyor belt, layered fabric conveyor belt. Products are widely used in domestic and international automobile manufacturers and airports, docks, mines, coal mines and other industrial and mining enterprises.

Enterprises have their own R & D center and R & D team, the company invested for the enterprise R & D center equipped with the domestic and international advanced, high-iron Mennon viscometer, three fatigue testing machine, curing instrument, tensile testing machine, , Three-axis projector, high and low temperature test chamber, such as dozens of sets of research and development, testing, testing equipment. Effectively support the enterprise new product development and enterprise long-term development planning needs. Production of the new purchase of CNC manipulator mounted mold vulcanization tank, CNC tension line winding machine, CNC package cloth machine, CNC flat vulcanizing machine, CNC curing tank, automatic batching mixing system, fully controlled pulverized steam boiler and other domestic advanced rubber products production equipment more than 300 Taiwan (sets), a strong support for the production and development needs. Until 2012 enterprise technology innovation projects up to 15, of which three scientific and technological achievements by the Provincial Science and Technology Department identified as the national advanced.

Jinjiu Long Industrial Co., Ltd. After 40 years of development,our product in the country, made a high degree of foreign evaluation, the company and the production of V-belt has access to " China's rubber V belt top ten enterprises "," China Rubber V belt quality recognized top ten brands "," China AAA grade quality, Shou credibility of enterprises "," national high-tech enterprises "," petroleum and chemical industry product quality inspection and testing A "" China's Agricultural Development Bank credit rating AA + level enterprise "," Henan provincial enterprise technology center "," Henan " "Kaifeng City Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise", "Kaifeng City Science and Technology Progress Award", "Kaifeng City Industrial Enterprises 50 strong enterprises", "Kaifeng City focus on cultivating industrial enterprises "," Kaifeng City, the focus of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises "," Kaifeng City rubber belt Engineering Technology Center "and other honorary titles.