The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee came to Jin Jiulong to guide the party building work


Organization Department


On the morning of October 9th, Niu Zhiguo, Director of the Third Organization Section of the Organization Department of the Kaifeng Municipal Party Committee, accompanied by Pang Yuguang, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Weishi County Party Committee, visited Jinjiulong Industrial Co., Ltd. to inspect and guide the party building work.


Organization Department


Director Niu Zhiguo highly praised Jin Jiulong's innovative development of the "five hearts" work method of party building, and hoped that the company's party committee will make greater achievements in leading the high-quality development of the company with high-quality party building.


Organization Department


Ji Yonggang, Chief of the Organization Section of the Organization Department of the County Party Committee, Ran Zhanwei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lianghu Street, Zhang Liping, Organization Committee member, and relevant personnel in charge of party affairs of the company accompanied them to participate in the guidance activities.



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