Toothed belt

Jinjiulong Industrial Co., Ltd. (Weishi County Zhongyuan Rubber Co., Ltd.), established in 1968, is located at No. 9, Fuyong Road, Industrial Cluster District, Weishi County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province. It is a professional rubber transmission belt manufacturer integrating parallel transmission belts, automobile V belts, synchronous belts, V-ribbed belts, wide V belts, narrow V belts, ganged belts, hexagonal belts and conveyor belts.



Scope of application:

Automobile V-belt, V-ribbed belt: suitable for driving auxiliary equipment of automobile internal combustion engine, such as fan, generator, water pump, power steering. compressor, etc.;

Ordinary V-belt: suitable for all kinds of mechanical transmission in industry and agriculture;

Narrow V-belt: suitable for high-speed and high-power transmission; also use general transmission;

Other toothed belts: mainly used for the transmission of agricultural machinery.

Key words:

Toothed belt Narrow V-belt Other toothed belts Ordinary V-belt


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